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Hello All, 

So this is a late post as my Ma's birthday was actually last month now BUT I wanted to share some of her presents and how you really can #supportsmall when it comes to gifting. 

You will notice there is a bit of a theme... dogs! This wasn't to keep coherent to the blog honest, it was just a happy accident that my Ma is a dog lover too. So lets get down to business... THE PRESENTS.

Wren & Rye - Personalised Pooch Print 
So main gift... This had been specifically requested by my mother herself. She wanted re prints of her "personalised pooch prints" of our beautiful late doggles Bracken and Fenn. This time she wanted them together on one large A3 print  (I had previously gifted them as 2 A4 prints) and framed... so I did exactly that! 
I sadly didn't use another small indie biz when selecting my frame! I did however go with a larger than A3 frame so I could add the use of a mount - I just think it adds a little something to the multiple pooch prints. 

Shop personalised prints here.
Or drop us an email for more information -

Crafty Giraffe - Personalised Dog Decorations
So I have been eying up these beautiful laser cut wooden decorations for well over a year now, and Crafty Giraffe recently popped back up on my feed... it was a sign - I needed to get them! I was going to save them for Christmas... but that would mean the Christmas Tree would miss out on 25 days of donning these little beauts! Crafty Giraffe at the time of ordering didn't stock Sprockers... so I went with 2 Cockers (one with full tail and one with a docked tail). If you are in the same boat but your Sprocker doesn't resemble a Cocker she has lots of other spaniel decorations to choose from. 

We my have also placed an order for a Wren for OUR Christmas tree... shhhh don't tell Mum.  

NEED one of these for your Christmas tree? Head over to the Crafty Giraffe Website here
She runs BOGOF offers occasionally so it's worth giving her a follow on insta to be kept up to date. 

Wilton Street Craft Co - Handmade Candle 
Here is one I made earlier! I have always wanted to say that lol. As some of you will know I attended one of Emma's fab Candle making workshops (more about my experience here) and created 3 amazing vegan candles, one of which I am gifting to my mother. 

Fancy booking on to one of the Wilton Street Co Candle Making Workshops? Click here.
Don't have time to attend a workshop but a vegan candle sounds ideal?

Shop Emma's candle selection here.

Baxters Boutique - Keyring addition 
So this present started last year! I purchased the main part of the keyring last September noting all the past and present pooches names... but with the recent addition of Maize (read more about her here) it didn't seem right to leave her out.

I think Baxters Boutique have sadly altered the shape of the charms in the last 12 months so Maize is slightly different than the rest... but to be honest she is a bit different lol! It is part of the little beauties "charm" - no pun intended!

Shop Baxters Boutique keyring's here.

Wren & Rye - Lead, Collar and Poop Bag Holder Set 
Yes another Wren & Rye gift... OK this one is a bit mean calling it a gift, when realistically it is a set of samples for the Rye Bye the pulling machine (on the lead that is) to test out. AND also a bespoke poop bag holder in PVC to be put through the test stage - hopefully a range of PVC poop bag holders will be hitting the website before Christmas! 

Please note our Lead and Collar sets come in a handy 100% Cotton Bags branded with the Wren & Rye logo. These can been used to either keep your sets together or to store other doggle related nick nacks - treats, antlers, grooming products... the list goes on!

Shop Wren & Rye Current Lead & Collars here.

Remember to #supportsmall when you next have an occasion coming up - birthday, christening, wedding etc... even if it's just buying a card - a maker/artist will really do a happy dance when you place your order!

Ash - Wren & Rye xx

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