Pooch Safety

Please remember to monitor your pooch when they are wearing Wren & Rye fashion pieces. Your dogs safety and well being is our main priority and some of our items contain small pieces and aren’t indestructible.

How do I care for Wren & Rye fashion items?

To keep our bows and bandanas in tip top condition, spot clean when dirty or hand wash in warm water and air dry - cool/warm iron.

How do I get my pooch featured on the “Hall of Fame”?

Just get in contact its as simple as that! Drop us an email of a clear photograph of your pooch with any of our Wren & Rye items. 

Want to collaborate with Wren & Rye?

Great! whether you are another small business, blogger or creative… get in touch and we can discuss :). Any ideas are welcome! 

Do Wren & Rye have brand reps? And if so how does my pooch become one?

We will be putting adverts for these out on instagram and in our newsletters so the best way to keep up to date with this is to follow us on instagram or sign up to our newsletter below.

Who are Wren and Rye?

Head over to our blog for individual profiles or head to our about us page for a brief overview. 

Wren & Rye and the environment

We pride ourselves on supporting other UK business by sourcing our fabrics and supplies from UK suppliers.
We also try to be as eco friendly as we can with our packaging, by using recycled, recyclable, re usable and biodegradable products where possible and are constantly on the look out for other more ethical options.


Wren & Rye are not linked with Town & Country Veterinary Group.