A "Midweek" Festive 'Dog' Treat...

Hi All,

So, I have been wanting to write another dog treat post for a while… But as you will know from reading my “Pup Cake” post, my baking skills are limited lol. 

@MrsProject #afeelgoodchristmas instagram challenge’s third prompt was “midweek treat” snd I thought of it as a perfect excuse to get back in that kitchen and bake up Wrenby a midweek festive (grain free) treat.  

So, life got in the way and I am doing this prompt nearly a week late oops (I will finally catch up haha) but I thought, what’s a festive dog friendly ingredient that won’t disagree with the pooches tummy?.. Turkey (nope), sausages (nope), carrots (our Wrenby prefers hers frozen)… So I came up with apples - not the most festive I know, but here goes. 

So what you will need…

  • An apple!

  • You could add dog friendly toppings if you wish - but we like to keep ingredients to a minimum (for both my lack of skills and for Wren's sensitive tum)

  • A baking tray.

  • Baking paper. 

  • And of course an oven will help! 

  1. Start by washing your apple(s) and cutting it into slices - (after numerous testing I recommend 5mm - 10mm thick), ideally I imagined beautiful apple discs… but after slicing one or two I decided it wasn’t worth losing a finger over and went for “crescents”. Don’t forget to remove the core and seeds as you go (these can be harmful to your furry friends).

  2. Set your oven to 100°-120° (ovens will vary, so adjust the temp accordingly)

  3. Line your baking tray with the baking paper - don’t worry if it’s a bit messy and curling up at the edges, your apples will weight it down.

  4. Pop your slices (crescents or discs… or whatever you go for) on to the pre-lined baking tray - here you can add your optional toppings.

  5. Bake your treats in the oven for 1 hour (and enjoy that amazing hot apple smell). At intervals, check on the slices to make sure they aren’t burning - if so just adjust the temp.

  6. After one hour turn over each treat and bake again for another hour. Again checking at regular intervals and enjoy that smell!!!

  7. Switch off your oven after the 2 hours is up and allow to cool. 

And viola!.. A healthy festive treat for your pooch.

NOTE: you might find you have far too many slices to fit on your baking tray from a whole apple - I just popped the extras in Wren’s frozen carrot bag for her to enjoy at a later date.

Ash - Wren & Rye x 

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