Wren's Birthday Gift List...

Hi All,

I cannot believe Wren’s first birthday is coming up AND it's nearly Rye’s happy gotcha day - This first year has gone so fast!

So it’s time to start birthday present shopping of course.

We went a tiny bit crazy with presents at Christmas, so we've have decided to tone it down… a tad... Well, it is Wren’s first birthday after all!

So I am going to go through each of the ideas we have had and what we have already purchased in the hope that you might take some inspiration for your own pooches...

First we saw a perfect American football toy in our local Pets at Home and knew straight away it was a must get for Wren. She loves a soft stuffed ball (we don’t have a destroyer on our hands… unless it comes to receipts or toilet roll tubes lol), they are her total fav - AND it’s in the shape of an American Football! Wren’s male human is a huge NFL fan and she is fascinated by the game when it's on. So we thought it was only fitting that she owns this squeaky plush dog version herself.

If you travel a lot, the below is a MUST HAVE! We currently have the “brown striped” version and have been using it on a daily basis for a good 9 months! And let me tell you, it was worth every penny. 

It’s not just great for travel, but also invaluable if you like to go out for meals with your little fluffy pooch, as it gives them somewhere to curl up and feel safe! Wren loves hers and will happily go to sleep in it while we eat.
This time around, we are giving the website's best seller a go in grey. 


What’s a celebration without “Pawsecco” and cake? We just picked up this Woof & Brew Pawsecco on our weekly online Morrisons shop. Such a steal at only £2.50. 
And the cake… well, we have a pup with a very sensitive tum on our hands so I (the terrible baker) am going to attempt to make her one at home. 
I will let you know how it goes and, if the test is a success, I will pop a recipe up in another blog post!

She will obviously be receiving a number of Wren & Rye pieces too - we are thinking a new collar charm and bandana from the “Spring Showers” collection (coming soon). 

We are still looking for other ideas - probably along the lines of an interactive toy - so if you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know - via DM, email, or add a comment below :)

Ash, Wren & Rye xx

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