Woofing Wild at Dirty Disco

Hi All,

Sorry it’s been a while… But I am back, not with just a new blog post BUT a new website and collection for you all :)

A few weeks back we had our first official photoshoot of 2019 - in preparation for the NEW website and something very exciting to be announced soon (sorry to be THAT person).

We were honoured to be allowed to shoot at the beautiful Dirty Disco HQ in Manchester. Hailea; founder, curator, model, marketer (and everything in between) is a “child”hood friend of mine and has built an amazing sustainable fashion business, run by women and accessible to all - win win win!!!

Her fabulous little pooch Pickle was our model for the day and what an angel she was. Albeit a little diva-ish at times - that gurl knows what she wants (the GOOD treats - kibble would NOT suffice) and she wasn’t afraid to put her paw down and let me know lol.

Anyway… here’s a preview of the new additions to our popular trend collection “woofing wild”… animal prints are going nowhere soon!

Collection here?

Some “Out takes”. I use inverted commas, because how can you have real outtakes when working with this beaut of a pooch?

Pickle - "Mama whatcya doing"

Pickle 2 - "Mama whatcha doing?""Mama whatcha doing?”

Dirty Disco - Dreamy StudioDirty Disco - Dreamy Studio I mean how dreamy is this studio?? #HQgoals!

Shop the Woofing Wild Collection here.

View the full shoot in our Lookbook here.


Ash W&R xx

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