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Hi All,

We are on our travels very soon - and when I say we, I mean me (Ash, the female human) and Pez (the male human), Wren sadly isn’t coming with us, I don’t think 53+ hours of flying is her thing. And I really don't think looking after a dog during 53+ hours of flying is my thing! She is, however, visiting Rye Bye for a 3 week long play-date.

Anyway, so naturally I am planning Wren’s first birthday party for when we return - this means buying last minute presents, making party hats (of course), planning party bags (blog post coming soon on party planning) AND looking into what we are going to buy the pooches while we're over in America. 

Below you will find our Target wish-list - for both Wren’s birthday presents and the pups party bags! I dread to think what I will be like when I have children lol.

Wren Birthday Gift List

Bark® Chester's Nuts Stuffed Peanut Dog Toy
I am not sure why but I am so drawn to this toy, but it might have something to do with it being a mix of Wren's favourite things - interactive dog toys and plush squeaky toy balls. We play “find” the ball with her on a daily basis and I think this might just make it even more interesting for her.

NFL Pets First Mesh Pet Football Jersey - Green Bay Packers. 
The male human doesn’t know about this yet… and it isn’t actually available to purchase from a Target in New York BUT, having a quick scout online, I have a feeling we might be able to pick up Wren a doggle jersey from another pet store. 

I think this item will be a perfect match to go with the PAH soft American Football we have also got her for her birthday!

That’s where the current list ends, but I am sure it will grow while we are out there… I just can’t help myself!

Pups Party Poop Bag Contents

Boots & Barkley™ Floral Dog Collar in Purple and the Boots & Barkley™ Chevron Pattern Dog Collar in Blue/Orange 
I love a matching collar and these come in the perfect prints, styles and colours. What also makes them perfect for the pooches is the adjustable slider to alter the size as the pup grows and they also have a clip fastener for safety and quick and easy removal.

TrustyPup Raccoon with Silent Squeak Dog Toy and TrustyPup Penguin with Silent Squeak Dog Toy
What’s not to love about these toys? They are cute and durable - so they will hopefully withstand Rye’s gnashers, and they come with a silent squeak, which is a GOD SEND I tell you. The TrustyPup toys have great reviews and an even better price tag! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN.



There will be more items added to the pups party bags - probably along the lines of Wren & Rye bowties and home made treats! But more on that in the party post!

Ash W&R xx

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