Mother's Day Gift Ideas #shopsmall

As Mothers day is almost upon us (March has just flown by) I thought I would compile a little list of Mothers Day gift ideas. Whether you need a gift for your mum, granny, aunt, a gift from the pooch for yourself… as being a pooch parent totally counts right? I have got you covered!

None of the following are affiliate links or have been paid for in any way. I just simply love these products, love supporting other small businesses and strongly believe that we should all spread the love #sharesmall #supportsmall #shopsmall

Mothers Day Gift Ideas:

So this one is kind of cheating and is a present for both you and your pooch… But what day isn’t a day to spoil your favourite four legged friend?

Keep on trend with your pooch in an Animal Print scrunchie bow tie gift set - twinning is winning!!!

Shop now over on our website here!


Or how about a beautiful hand embroidered piece by Niamh from Whimpers Embroidery? Who you might recognise from ‘The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts’ - who else was obsessed with that TV show!?

A Monstera that ANYONE can look after - even the biggest plant killers amongst us (*cough* me *cough*).

Monstera Leaf Plants On Pink Embroidery - Whimperis Embroidery - £90 - perfect for the embroidery / plant loving ladies.

Shop here.


An amazing gift idea from one of my all time faves - Muthahood, with her Strong Girls Club Candle! The Strong Girls Club Candle is a lovely collaboration between SevenSeventeen & Muthahood. Not only does this candle smell like heaven (lime & ginger root) each candle donates £1 to the mental health charity SANE - helping change the stigma for good! 

Strong Girls Club Candle - Muthahood - £22 - the gift of a good relax!


One for all the dog lovers out there! Our ‘Pooch Prints’ are a great gift for any dog lover! We have a variety of breeds in this collection - Dachshund, French Bulldog, German Shepard, Whippet, Labradoodle, Pug, Schnauzer, Westie, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Chihuahua, Border Terrier, Collie, Shitzu, Poodle, Dalmatian, Cockapoo, Bichon…. With more coming soon!
Or maybe you fancy something more personal? We can draw up yours or your mother's doggle (we have a few spaces left for mothers day delivery) -  give something truly unique this mothers day.

 Head over to the website for more info :)


I don’t know about gifting… This beauty is on my own personal wish list! Beks at Tullibee designs and makes a selection of super colourful cushions that would add a beautiful pop of colour to any room. Each of her items are designed, printed, sewn and finished in Britain!!! I also adore the fact each item has been given its own name which simply adds to the charm of the product. Here is Margot!!

Head over to the Tullibee website and meet Jules, Marni, Jerry, Ronnie, Agnes and friends here.


No one should be left out this Mothers Day. The Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums from Isabella and Us - a self published magazine - is a gem for new and expectant mothers. The Zine talks about all things motherhood and is full of inspiration, information, advice and relaxation tips.

Not only that…. “Each issue of the Zine contains a small selection of curated adverts from small independent businesses and businesses that offer support and services to mums, their children and their familes. This is really important to the ethos of the Zine and supporting other small businesses.”

Perfect for new mums or mums to be - Give the gift of self care this Mothers Day. Shop here.


And for all the fashionistas out there - The Pouch from fonottbags. This brand is beautiful in so many ways. They are transparent with their costing, sustainability and more… #brandgoals right there! Not only do they produce the most beautiful pouch handbags, which fuse artisanal wicker style hoop handles with japanese tying techniques, they also come in different fabrics and prints and with different price tags. There really is something to suit everyone. But you will have to be quick, these bags seem to sell like hotcakes - I mean are you really surprised?

Shop here.


Ash W&R xx
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