Dachshunds with IVDD

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Here at Wren & Rye, we really do care about dogs, they aren’t only our business, but our passion. We’ve been looking for a way to help out pooches in need for a while and we’d sincerely appreciate 5 minutes of your time to read this post…Lady the Dachshund of Wilton Street Craft Co Candles ManchesterOne of our very loyal customers Lady (owned by the lovely Emma from Wilton Street Craft Co) has been very poorly and has had to undergo surgery to remove a damaged intervertebral disc. 

Lady has IVDD, which stands for Intervertebral Disc Disease. Dachshunds are particularly prone to the disease but it can affect other breeds too. Basically, it’s like a human having a slipped disc.

Lady & Emma have been supported by “Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD” - A wonderful lady called Charlotte Baldwin set up the group three years ago and runs Sausage Dog Walks South Wales. She is trying to raise funds to assist with equipment for Dachshunds with IVDD, especially those that are adopted or rescued.

She has been supporting affected dogs by providing hydrotherapy sessions and other treatments, as well as strollers to enable owners to take their dogs out and about - which gives the dogs some mental stimulation while providing some relief to their owners.

She has also been able to purchase wheelchairs for two dogs, Tier and Ernie, so they can now enjoy being mobile again and get to sniff and play. Tier also has a drag bag to stop her getting sore. Without the charity, these things may not have been available to the owners and their dogs would unfortunately not have been able to enjoy the life that all dogs deserve - through no fault of their loving parents.

So Wren & Rye have decided to not only to try and raise money for “Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD”, but to spread awareness of the disease and the work the wonderful charity does to help pooches and their owners during this very difficult time of their lives - making those extremely hard days that bit more bearable!Lady and her stroller provided by "Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD" Hear what Emma (Lady’s mum and owner of the Wilton Street Craft Co) has to say about the charity below:

“The charity has supplied us with so much emotional support and collective experience to answer all our questions, every hour of the day. They have also kindly provided a stroller, a larger pen for during Lady’s crate rest, and a special type of lead to support her back legs when walking for toileting.” 
10% from each sale of our wooden and black glitter dachshund pins sold through our website will be donated to “Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD”.

They are the perfect present for any dog owner/lover and go towards helping out more pooches like Lady. Shop here.Wren & Rye Wooden Dachshund Pin BadgeWren & Rye Black Glitter Dachshund Pin BadgeAlternatively, if pin badges aren’t your thing head over to the "Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD" Facebook page to find out more.Wilton Street Craft Co Spiced Apple CandleThanks, 

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