Hi All,

Welcome to our website and our blog! I have been wanting to start a blog for a while but I have always thought "what do I have to talk about?", but I have decided to just go for it!

I am currently thinking of writing: recipe posts, dog product reviews, dog friendly places to visit, wish-lists, books you must read, podcast recommendations, general doggy advice and enlisting some friendly volunteers for posts!

But lets start with a simple introduction to each of us behind the scenes at Wren & Rye:

Name - Ash
Breed - Female Human
Nicknames - It’s all in the name... Ash
Traits - Creative, considered and gets seriously hangry
Job Role - Head designer/Maker at Wren & Rye - The brains lol
Loves - Doggles, Art, Fashion, Bingeing on American SitComs / Dramas and Insta Shopping!
Random Fact - I have just recently cut off 17” of my hair to donate to The Little Princess Trust - want to find out more about my story? Read about it here.

Name - Jon
Breed - Male Human
Nicknames - Pez
Traits - A perfectionist, a complete night owl and is "always" right
Job Role - Website Design and the stuff I don't want to do!
Loves - Blackburn Rovers, American Football, Music and Sleep... lots of Sleep!
Random Fact - He's a huge Blackburn Rovers Fan! 

Name - Wren
Breed - Toy cockapoo (with legs for days)
Colouring - Sable
Nicknames - Wrenby, Little Pooch, Babs, Sparkle, Poodle Face
Traits - A complete diva
Job Role - Head sample tester and my main muse
Loves - Sleeping, Playing, Baby bear, Cuddles
Random Fact - Came top in her puppy class for both sitting on command and recall!

Name - Rye
Breed - Sprocker Spaniel
Colouring - Golden
Nicknames - Rye - Bye, Rye-by, Babycakes
Traits - Mischevious pupster
Job Role - Head sock stealer and sample tester
Loves - Socks, Gilly the Giraffe, walks!
Random Fact - Has basically an identical twin in the form of a male cocker spaniel in Sunderland

Ash W&R xx

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