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Hi All,

Just a quick blog post on the importance of keeping your pupsters cool when that rare english sun is out. 
We might be loving the hotter (or should I say warmer) temperatures, but sadly our pooches may not be having as much fun!

 So here are a few things we are doing at Wren & Rye HQ to keep the doggles cool and refreshed!

1. All for Paws Cooling Mat - A great place for your pup to “chill out” - the best thing about this is that it requires no prep at all, just simply pop it out of the boxing and you are ready to go. It might take a little while for your doggle to realise what it’s for (or at least it did for our Wren, but she is not the fastest learner) but once they understand, they’ll keep going back when they get a bit too warm! 

Buy here (from the fantastic Purely Pets) but if you have Prime and need it next day find it here.

2. All for Paws Ice Bandana - We have found this great for dogs on the go - so when you NEED to take your pups out on their daily walk (remember to stick to cooler times of the day if at all possible), you just soak the Bandana in cold water and something magical happens to the inners and it stays cool for a number of hours! Buy here (from the fantastic Purely Pets) but if you have Prime and need it next day find it here.

3. Wren & Rye rope plait toy (these aren’t for sale yet and are really only recommended for light chewers or the young pupples out there) BUT they are fab when submerged in water, popped in a sandwich bag and blasted in the freezer! You have both a cooling and refreshing treat.

(NOTE: Also great for teething puppies to sooth their sore gums - and can just be thrown in the wash)

4. Don’t have time to get anything in or don’t fancy purchasing something for the very infrequent warm weather - why not just a grab a carrot from the fridge, wash, peel, slice length ways and pop in the freezer for an hour or so for a dog friendly ice pop!

Do any of you have some top “cool pupper” tips? Please share below :) 

Ash W&R xx

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