2020 "Highlights" and Lowlights...

A bit late to the party… and it isn’t actually my “top nine” but 9 times/posts I think reflect some of our key moments from 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣
Not all the best moments, but we have to take the bad with the good right?

This was going to just be an instagram post, but my word I can talk when I put my mind to it 😂

We started 2020 on a high, being awarded High Commended in the Pet Gift category of @giftoftheyear and quite simply, I was proud as punch! I attended the lushest awards evening, networked and connected with other fabulous businesses after spending the day at the forever inspiring @springfair. It was an amazing experience that gave me to boost to really push on through an extremely challenging year 💪

In March the world was turned upside down and so was our event of the year @londondogweek - like so many other small businesses we rely greatly on events, so this was quite a blow after lots of prep and excitement - BUT the lovely girls managed to turn the event into the “week of #pawsitivity”, which we were invited to take part in and massively enjoyed.

As our best-laid plans for 2020 were in tatters, we made our first pivot… We released our doggy care packages. We had stock set aside for other plans for just sat there with no events, no markets and no stockists to go to… So our limited edition care packages were born! We might bring a variation of them back this year… Hopefully, under better circumstances, watch this space 👀

In an attempt to interact more with all of our amazing followers, I started showing my mug on socials… This was a huge step for me! 🤗 It was around the time we expanded our Pooch & Pooch Parent Sets too - two huge successes of 2020!

Our BowDangles were featured by the fabulous Gemma at @muthahood. Gemma is a huge inspiration of mine and is a wonderfully supportive person, so this was and still is a moment that means a lot to me ❤️

Wren became a “model”… Not the best model I must say haha. She improved her modelling skills vastly, but I really don’t think a career in modelling is on the cards for her… I still miss our little Rye 🤩… Shhh don’t tell Wren!

I released a new collection of our massively popular leopard print leads & collars AND simply couldn’t believe how much you all loved them. I can’t thank you enough for the support, they flew off the "shelves" and I struggled to keep up with the demand. Each and every one of them is handmade by ME, so sending them around the country and seeing them on all the beautiful dogs brings me so much joy 🥰

I released the PAWBLE… I was very nervous at the beginning as so much had gone into the launch, but on reflection, I really shouldn’t have been. They were a massive hit and were far and away our biggest success of 2020.

We finished up the year with some lovely news… Being shortlisted in not just one BUT two @giftoftheyear categories!

So while everyone else around the world might remember 2020 for one specific thing, I might well remember it for the Pawble… Hopefully 😂

Thanks for reading
Ash x
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